In the last 10 years, LAVA has proudly partnered with Museumvereniging, representing 500+ Dutch museums, on a transformative journey. From a merger to becoming the driving force of a future-proof museum sector where everyone feels connected, they challenged us to enhance their visibility and brand. Together with Museumvereniging, we developed a brand identity that positioned them as a driving force in the museum sector, a catalyst for unity, innovation, and progress. As graphic and motion designer I worked closely with the directors on the delivery brand identity, and created a motion language that uses slashes to highlight and unlock what is important.

The challenge that arises when creating a motion language for an authority like Museumvereniging is the need to adjust the volume. With Museumvereniging offering products such as the Museumkaart and tools for different museums, there are various scenarios where the identity can range from being humble to absolutely bold. Through the slashes originating from the logo, we open up exciting new worlds that museums have to offer, while maintaining a balanced yet outspoken design.

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Creative Team


Lars Terhorst - Strategic Director
Frank Smolenaers - Strategic Director
Sacha van Den Haak - Creative Director
Anton Lamberg - Digital Director/Developer
Camie Roos - Lead Designer, Motion Designer