MTV EMA 2020

The MTV EMA is a yearly music awards show that features world-class performances from some of the biggest music acts on the planet. The year looked a little bit different with a pandemic in the background, but the show had to go on -  and so all the more reason to go for a more extravagant look than ever. For the 2020 edition that was held on 8th November, the brand team put on a huge collaboration with Studio Moross to introduce a branding, broadcasting and studio design befitting a worldwide award show. Their responsibilities lay with the broadcasting elements and main show VFX, where ours lay with the campaign design, promo and online graphics. Both vibrant, colourful and of course just like MTV, all over the place with crazy video editing and 3D shapes, bold kinetic type and smooth animation.

Logo & Extensions

The style for the 2020 EMA's is slick and to the point. The circled logo is an interpretation of music coming out of a speaker, beaming out the information or the artist picture. The backgrounds are portrayals of sound waves, mostly forming from the circle formation but as seen underneath also designed on some more flat backgrounds. This was something that was extended further into web ads, were the animation of the beaming circle was used to inform the users to vote and on which artist.

Key-Arts & Campaign

For the main posters several backgrounds were designed in the color palette that we chose to go with from the logo. The favourite one being the eclectic bright green/cobalt blue mix, accentuated with salmon pink highlights - as it grabbed the most attention. The visuals did not require a special photo from the artists, as we usually use album pictures or pictures that are preferred by the artist. In this way, a photo of every shape and style would fit into the dynamic poster display.

Main Show Graphics

For the main show there was chosen to go for a round chalice-formed concert hall, with every layer containing a row of LED screens. When filled with the typography, it is once again a giant reference to the round shape and 'popping' from the animated EMA logo. The circle shape was also extended further into the show's visual display with a giant round screen always beaming and looming above the artists or hosts of the event. It would move and change information going along with the subject at hand in the concert hall for ex. when the best artists were announced or one of the talents perform.

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Creative Team

Femke Westerhof - Project Manager
Studio Moross - On-Air & Motion Design 
Studio Bild - Live Show Graphics & VFX
Julia van der Hoeven - Video Editing, Online
Ivo Deumens - Promo Video Editing, On-Air & Motion Design
Camie Roos - Graphic Design, Campaign & Online