The Ocean CleanUp

"At The Ocean Cleanup, we’re developing the first feasible method to clean up world’s ocean garbage patches. Five vast areas of Open Ocean, known as the subtropical gyres, act as a trap for ocean plastic. We specifically focus on the North Pacific accumulation zone - also known as ‘the Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ - since about 1/3 of all oceanic plastic is concentrated in that one area between Hawaii and California 1." 

Clean the ocean yourself

The identity was made by Friends for Brands, a strategic design bureau. They believed in the cause of cleaning the oceans, and thought of what they could do as designers for the Ocean CleanUp. During my time here as a graphic designer I got to work on pieces of the branding for them. Like the logo, a grid for a website, infographics and business cards were created.

The Identity

To explain the more 'complicated' plans of Boyan Slat, Friends for Brands created a visual friendly style in which the elements would be explained in a 'normal' fashion. Clear structures and visuals were key to communicate the business plan of the young inventor. The campaign grew into a succes and within a year, money was raised and people everywhere wanted to participate.


Design & Illustrations

Below you can find my infographic about The Ocean Cleanup and The Manta, below that a concept for the website. The Manta system was at that time one of the first projects of the Ocean Cleanup; an array of long floating barriers and manta ray-shaped stations that are connected to the sea bottom, collecting plastic in their giant nets using the currents of the gyres.


Website Concept

The website concept was an easy scroll-to-slide which mainly focused about the issue and the solution, eventually ending up at ways the user itself could contribute to the organisation. The lines were supposed to be water ripples in the background, focused on the mouse cursor and moving along with the user as he or she moved across the screen. 


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Creative Team

Ward Nicolaas - Art Direction, Graphic Design
Joey Vermijs - Brand Director
Susanne Volder - Strategic Director
Amy Verkerke - Project Manager
Camie Roos - Graphic Design