Ensemble Black Pencil

Black Pencil is an unconventional music ensemble with a unique instrumentation. Constantly inventing new sounds by rewriting classic compositions (and new ones) for other instruments than they were intended for, makes for innovative and interesting performances. As a part of the LAVA team I got to work on their new identity system, entirely based on the techniques of these instruments. Make sure to catch them live one day and immerse yourself in a world of virtuosity, fun and wonder!

To hear their music, turn the sound on in the videos underneath.


Design approach

With their innovative approach to historically informed music, Black Pencil lays bare harmonies  that are often heard and otherwise remain invisible. By revealing complex music in different instruments, they have an adventurous range of their own early music arrangements. Black Pencil received and premiered over 100 new compositions dedicated to them, specifically for this unique translation. 

For the motion in the identity, we used this behaviour as well, by revealing different information or letters as the design reacts to sound. This is also visible in the static design, as the information lives inside one of the letters and the dia positive functions as a mask. The gradient inside the color scheme works the same, revealing different color schemes from fading in and out to black.


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Creative Team


Lars Terhorst - Strategic Director
Frank Smolenaers - Strategic Director
Anton Lamberg - Digital Director/Developer
Camie Roos - Graphic & Motion Designer