Nickelodeon Play App

The Nickelodeon Play App puts the best of Nickelodeon at your fingertips. Full episodes, fun-tastic games, hilarious videos, animated shorts and more. After its successful launch three years ago, the app could use a refresh. The app was updated according to the new Nickelodeon style, user experience issues were fixed and Nickelodeon's young viewers were given a lot of new content. Not only does the app offer episodes, movies and games aimed at children, but it now also has a completely adapted design to the navigation behaviour of this specific target group. To notify the current and (hopefully) future users, campaign assets were created which Nickelodeon could launch to celebrate this global relaunch.

The problem

Fun, easy to use and accessible on every platform - but with some flaws though. The number one problem being that the young viewers did not have enough to watch. When the app got its overhaul the platform got a great deal of new content. So much new content, that users began having trouble finding and browsing through the content. 

The solution

 An updated database and a specific page and design for every show was created, from Henry Danger to Spongebob Squarepants. The menu in the top bar was updated with the pictures of the shows, buttons somewhat enlarged and forming a giant row sideways. Now, more easier than ever, kids can have acces to their favourite games and shows in no time.


With the valued insights from the analytics team, we saw that the hotspot/highlight area's in the app were retracting and were now more set in the specific show based spaces. In the reviews the young users mentioned to now find the use of the menu more appealing, making the overall app more easier to use. This also took a lot of traffic away from having all the content set up on the homepage (which was not a big deal at first, with the content being far less than after the update). Overall the update decreased the amount of application crashes, and thus stabilised it more.

•    •    •

Creative Team

Femke Westerhof - Project Manager
Jan Doggen - Creative Director
Ivo Deumens - Video Editor & Motion Designer
Camie Roos - Graphic Designer, UI