World Fighting League: Final 16

The Final16, a legendary within the kickboxing world, is returning to the Netherlands with a LIVE broadcasting on the TV channel SPIKE. I was asked to design the print and show graphics, taking part in a 360 campaign that generates awareness of this event with as a highlight, the superfight between all time legends Remy Bonjasky and Melvin Manhoef. SPIKE did not only felt the urge to bring back the Final16, but also to show their audience that kickboxing is a respected sport of high quality athletes - and to lift the kickboxing world standards to a higher level through daring design.


The Campaign

To increase the impact of the print ads, we decided to not use the faces of Melvin and Remy together in one key-art. To turn heads, we step away from the traditional stare off visual. Instead, we solo the legends on two versions. By soloing the athletes on their own key-art, we can really focus on the legend they are by using an intense and powerfull frontal photograph. Going for the black and white photography focusses the audience on the emotions and story behind the faces of the legends.


We assigned a blue or red accent color to the key-art, connecting the key-art with the WFL logo and already letting the viewers subconsciously know in which corner their legend will fight. All Melvin Manhoef assets will have blue accents; he will fight out of the blue corner. Remy Bonjasky’s assets will wear the red accents since he will be fighting out of the red corner.


On-Air Promo

We also wanted to let the audience feel and experience how to become a (kickboxing) legend. Not a King Arthur kind of legend, but a real living legend. The devotion it takes and the sacrifices you have to make. On the one hand the necessary skills (stamina, speed, confidence etc.) and on the other the values they represent. How do they follow their calling, do what they do best and keep repeating this.

Eventually you can only become a true legend if you serve a higher cause. If you give back to the community and pass on your knowlegde to a new generation. Both Melvin Manhoef as Remy Bonjasky own their own gym where they teach a large group of new talents. And maybe, these talents grow up to become legends on their own. This will result in the match of the year. Master vs Master. Legend vs Legend. Melvin vs Remy.


Main Show Graphics

For the main event we designed an entire set of fighting cards, countdown clocks, tournament cards etc. They were created as templates for each tournament as well. In the design we still highlight our red and the blue corner fiercely, for example announce a fighter's entrance to the ring. For the leader of the show we visualised the lines of the boxing ring, showing off the talents of our main fight Remy and Melvin, in each of their respectable corners.

•    •    •

Creative Team

Judith Peters - VP Marketing & Products
Anouk Janssen - Project Manager
Jorge Fröberg - Art Director, Concept
Matthijs Hoitsma - Promo Producer, Concept
Camie Roos - Graphic Designer, Concept
Eyeforce - Sound Design
Rein Blank - 3D Artist