Hybrid Publishing Practices

Working across commercial, autonomous and social practices, Hybrid Publishing Practices operates as a platform for publishing research, while simultaneously conducting research through making, prototyping and incorporating iterative design processes. Together with graphic designer Joëlle Strijk I was asked to design the branding and identity. It consisted out of an animated logo, posters, promotional video and book shop where visitors could buy or download hybrid publications/books.



The Practices

While also simultaneously conducting research through making, prototyping and incorporating iterative design processes, Hybrid Publishing Practices builds on the skills and expertise found in the WdKA Publication Station, Hogeschool Rotterdam’s Creating 010, and the Experimental Publishing specialisation at the Master Media Design programme at Piet Zwart Institute. Next to internal collaborations, it also works with external partners and tests results through making work accessible to the public.

The Practices

Given the rapidly changing media landscape, the book, or codex, is no longer the primary form of publishing. Computers, tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and other devices have opened up new possibilities for storytelling, information access, reading, and mixed media outputs. As a result, publications are being reimagined in a plethora of bound and unbound forms. This project was also featured at the What Design Can Do Festival and the WdKA Finals 2016


Identity incorporation

Throughout the building the posters would form giant letters, spreading from hallway to hallway to guide visitors toward the bookshop. The shop exists out of a portion of large wooden blocks, cut into the shapes of HPP, where the P's have printers installed to physically deliver some of the publications that required it. We also set up an interactive installation through Arduino for some of the publications, that would respond only  if the user would show certain behaviour at certain objects laid at the table (one required a pillow).


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Creative Team

Kimmy Spreeuwenberg - Head Hybrid Publishing
Megan Hoogeboom - Project Manager, E-Pub Design
Joëlle Strijk - Concept, Animation, Graphic Design
Camie Roos - Concept, Graphic Design